Chicken Feathers for Sale.
Ethically sourced, quality feathers from a variety of chicken breeds and colours.
The majority of the chicken feathers are from my own birds which I breed and raise myself.
All the birds these feathers have come from are kept in a clean, free range, natural environment. Here they live in comfort in small family groups, akin to they way their wild anscestors would live. Contented chickens grow beautiful feathers, and look after them well, thus they are of the highest quality possible when they are finally moulted or plucked.
Some of these feathers are shed naturally, when the birds moult once a year. Breeding chickens produces a certain amount of surplus cockerals each year. Any surplus birds that cannot be re-homed are culled humanely (according to Humane Slaughter Association guidelines) and with dignity, their meat eaten and their feathers kept, so that nothing goes to waste. The feathers are plucked, collected and sorted by hand.
Any dirty or badly damaged feathers are discarded.
Feathers can be used for fishing lures, craftwork, fashion, jewellery and accessories, festive decorations, toys for cats and kittens – almost any creative use!

The Different Types of Feather Available:-
Different types of feather come from different parts of the body of the chicken. Please click on the categories below to browse.

NB: Feathers can only be sent to UK customers